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Bone contouring injection. Be free from concerns about square jaw, double chin, and broad face!

Change your facial line to egg shape without surgery.

Non-invasive method

V-line effect

Face lifting

Slim body line

What is Bone contouring injection?

Bone contouring injection is an injection treatment to decompose fat of the sagged jowl, double chin, sagged skin of the ear root, forearm, belly, and thigh. It has an effect of recovering slender facial form and restoring skin elasticity by removing unnecessary fat. Unlike facial contouring surgery that corrects facial form to be slender and cuts away bones, it doesn’t leave scars since it is a simple injection treatment. Also, because there is almost no swelling after treatment, one can go back to daily life right away. Those who are afraid of liposuction surgery can have an effect of dissolving fat with a simple injection treatment.

What is Bone contouring injection?

  • Those who want the effect of V line that makes the chin line slender and the effect that makes the face smaller
  • Those who want the overall facial line correction
  • Those who have a lot of fat in the face, cheek, ear root, or beneath chin and whose face looks big.
  • In case the cause of the square jaw or big face is fat.
  • In case the overall face has a lot of fat and lacks elasticity.
  • Those who want to lose fat in the forearm, thigh, or belly without surgery.

What are the characteristics of Bone contouring Injection?

  • Bone contouring injection is a procedure to give a desired part/an injection that excretes/waste from the body well by facilitating the circulation of blood and lymph. Thus, one can have an effect of getting slimmer with unnecessary fats and waste gotten rid of.
  • One time procedure can make an effect, but since there can be/a case with a lot of fat or there can be an individual difference, generally 1 ~3 times of procedure will render the effect of V-line, face reduction, or slim body line.
  • xcreting melted fat from the body through high frequency treatment 1 week after surgery will make an even better effect.

How should you take care of yourself after treatment?

  • After surgery, temporarily bruise or swelling can happen but there is no need to worry since as time goes by, it will gradually disappear.
  • Avoid drinking, sauna, or excessive exercise that might irritate the treated parts for 2~3 days after the procedure
  • Don’t irritate the treated part by rubbing or touching intensely after the procedure.

Questions & Answers

How long does the procedure take?

It depends on the treated part, but generally it takes 20-30 minutes.

Would it hinder the daily life?

One can resume his/her daily life right after the procedure; a little bit of reddening and swelling can happen. Since it would disappear within several days, there is no need to worry.

How long does it take to see the effect?

The effect will show 3~4 weeks after surgery. More than 3 times of procedure with 1 month interval will be more effective.